Air Sanitisation Solutions

Effective air sanitisation solutions to eliminate harmful contaminants

An indoor air quality test provides valuable information about the pollutants present in your indoor space – but it doesn’t remove them.

Our air sanitisation solutions are designed to effectively remove harmful contaminants and help create a healthier indoor environment.

These include UVC filters which are designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other toxins. The filters destroy the DNA of these particles, rendering them unable to reproduce.

We also install HEPA filters to trap and remove even the smallest airborne particles such as dust and pollen to reduce the risk of respiratory problems.

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Clean your ducts & coils for optimal indoor air quality

When your HVAC’s ducts and coils are clogged with dust, dirt and debris, they’re at risk of becoming a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and other dangerous contaminants.

Regular HVAC duct and coil cleaning and maintenance enhances the indoor air quality and optimises the performance of your system.

We use a range of San-Air products for long-lasting air purification solutions. They feature antimicrobial properties that are formulated to kill harmful mould, bacteria and viruses, and improve the indoor air quality.

Breathe Well, Feel Well

We adopted the slogan Breathe Well, Feel Well because it accurately sums up our commitment to improving indoor air quality to enhance overall health and well-being.

Clean indoor air is essential for maintaining good health. When the air you breathe is free of harmful pollutants, you feel more alert, energised and productive.

We strive to help you achieve superior indoor air quality so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier environment.