Surface Sanitiser (Alcohol Free)




Product Features
Alcohol-Free: The alcohol-free formula of the Surface Sanitiser ensures deep surface cleaning. Also, there is no risk of dry skin or rashes as well. Not just this, but it also keeps you from the risk of damaging your commodities. Hence, the alcohol-free formula will help you get the cleaning done without the harm that alcohol can cause.

Consistent Results: Surface Sanitiser is one of the best products you can bring today for consistent cleaning results. The easy-to-use formula is safe, and you will see top-notch results every time you use the product.

Lab Tested: Do you know that our product is lab-tested? Yes! The product comes to you after multiple tests and checks. It ensures it is safe to use, and you need not worry about its safety regulations. We are here to ensure that only the best comes to your home.

Kills All Bacteria And Moulds: Another best thing about the sanitiser is its high efficiency. It can kill 99.99% of mould and bacteria. So you do not have to think about bringing different products for cleaning purposes. This product is enough to clean your home and deliver the best results.

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