How your workplace can benefit from an HVAC air purifier

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How your workplace can benefit from an HVAC air purifier

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that clean, fresh air is critical in the fight against the spread of airborne viruses. The pandemic shined a spotlight on indoor air quality, with a particular concern for the safety of people working in confined indoor spaces. Which likely explains why air purifiers have since emerged as a big trend. But do these devices live up to the hype? The research says yes so let’s explore why your commercial business needs one too.

Why good indoor air quality is better for business

There’s no doubt air purifiers are effective at removing viruses, bacteria and other nasties like mould spores. Here’s why. The fan pulls in pollutants from the air, purifies the air and then circulates clean, fresh air back into the room. This process is repeated regularly to boost the indoor air quality.

But the most important feature of an air purifier is a HEPA filter (or high efficiency particulate air filter) because the fine mesh traps even the smallest of particles. That means they can help filter airborne viruses and bacteria and significantly reduce the spread of transmission.

Air purifiers, coronavirus and other airborne viruses

Since the pandemic, workplaces have been forced to change the way they operate. They’ve introduced measures such as social distancing, hand sanitiser, face masks, and improved ventilation.

And now more businesses are introducing air purifiers to their arsenal to help prevent the spread of viruses like Covid-19 and, more recently, the seasonal flu in shared spaces like offices, shopping centres, medical practices and aged care facilities.

There’s another upside to optimum indoor air quality in the workplace: cleaner air means more productive employees.

Air purifiers don’t work alone

Air purifiers aren’t a silver bullet. While they filter the indoor air they don’t provide fresh air so they work best in conjunction with a well maintained HVAC system. That’s because good ventilation remains the best chance in driving down virus transmission.

Improving air quality in critical environments

Air conditioning manufacturer Daikin has released a range of air purifiers that improve the quality of indoor air by capturing, supressing and breaking down typical indoor air pollutants including mould, pollen, allergies, odours and dust.

Independent testing shows it also removes 99.9% of coronavirus and influenza A.

As a leading provider of commercial air conditioning services in the health, education and aged care sectors, Ausmech Air is using Daikin’s new generation of air purifying technology in these spaces where indoor air quality is a critical issue.

If you’re concerned about the indoor air quality in your building, speak to us about the benefits of installing an air purification system.

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