You had one job! HVAC fails that will make you laugh (and cringe)

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You had one job! HVAC fails that will make you laugh (and cringe)

When you’ve been working in the HVAC industry for as long as we have, you’re bound to come across some cracking – some might even describe as epic – fails.
From units installed upside down to an unwanted animal intruder in a switchboard, some on-the-job mishaps are so ludicrous you can’t help but laugh. Others make us cringe. Then there are the downright dangerous ones that make your stomach turn.
Get ready to laugh out loud at some of these HVAC blunders.

Mishap #1

Incorrectly installed unit
Now here’s a hiccup for you. And for the record, AC units should not be installed upside down!
Image credit: Ausmech Air

Mishap #2

HVAC fails
What the??? Maybe they rig up air conditioning units a little differently in Tennessee where this fiasco was captured.
Image credit: Andrew Martinson

Mishap #3

Attack of the AC units
We call this one ‘The attack of the AC units’. We know it can get hot and sweaty in Singapore but let’s not take a leaf out of their book.
Image credit: ampulets2

Mishap #4

Bizarre HVAC fail
We have OHS laws for a reason! Definitely don’t try this one at home.
Image credit:

Mishap #5

HVAC rodent
Curiosity killed the rat. We found this rodent intruder wandering where he shouldn’t be. The consequences?
Burnt out AC
A burnt out AC system.
Image credit: Ausmech Air

Mishap #6

Spelling matters. In our line of work, it’s important to know your ducks from your ducts.
Image credit: avononehour, Instagram

The digital world has made it impossible for gaffes to go unnoticed

It’s one thing to have your blunder noticed by colleagues. It’s another when that gaffe is exposed online to a worldwide audience.
The internet is fodder for hilarious examples of HVAC hiccups – and having a chuckle at other people’s blunders never gets old.
There are websites and social media pages that share on-the-job stumbles and screw ups, including the HVAC Fails community page on Facebook which is dedicated to “some of the stupid/absurd things we see on a daily basis in the service industry.” Similarly, the “wall of shame” on the hvac_fails Instagram account is rife with priceless job fails.

Before you go…

Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from other people’s blunders – like leave the serious business of commercial HVAC installations and maintenance to the professionals!
If you’ve seen an epic HVAC fail recently, head over to our Facebook page and share it with us!

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